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To become the top leadership training company in the world.

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To provide leadership training with integrity, passion and dedication to our customers.


Kevin Davenport, Airline Pilot, US Marine, is a top Leadership expert, business coach, communication trainer, and author. He started Stratus Leadership Development in order to bring a unique way of leadership training to your team. His experience and proven skills which he brings to your organization will be a different approach for you. Let him help you achieve your goals whether it’s more sales, professional development, or team building. He has worked and trained with top business experts including Brian Tracy, Jim Feldman of Shift Happens, and Master Sales Trainer Eric Lofholm.

Kevin brings his enthusiasm, pride and will develop a plan tailored to you and your team. He will spend time with your organization by phone or in person learning about your needs and will build a successful program for your company. He will place emphasis on standardization and Crew Resource Management, which is a proven airline training curriculum and a unique way of bringing your team together. It provides the results that are necessary for a successful organization and the goal is for every presentation to walk your corporate walk and will resonate with you and your team.

Stratus Leadership Development is designed to bring expertise in a wide range of topics including goal setting, team building, organizational leadership, sales, and a commitment to excellence. He brings over 15 years from the flight deck directly to your organization and will standardize your plans to help achieve company goals and successful outcomes for your business. Leadership begins with a commitment to excellence and self–development and he will help develop and bring your skills out to the forefront and bring excellence to your team.

Whether the training is in workshops, one on one interactions, or keynote address speeches let Stratus Leadership Organization help your team. Contact us and let our team take you to new heights and achieve great altitudes of success that you deserve.


Stratus Leadership offers programs in
• High Performance and creative Leadership skills
• Building Collaborative and Cohesive Teams
• Emotional Quotient
• LinkedIn and Social Media
• Business Coaching
• Business Communication
• Strategic Planning

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